No equal billing for David White? That’s because Tricky Dickey is playing favorites again, ceding the party’s HQ window space to the highest and only bidder, Jeff Gahan.


In October of 2018, it looked like this.

But then it changed.

Same power-brokering slumlord still owns the building.

Same underachieving political party still claims the building as its headquarters.

2003 photo?

Same Democratic chairman still wants us to believe he’s democratic.

Maybe the Floyd County Democratic Party sold naming rights to a party member’s campaign as displayed on the window of the party member’s building.


Well, at least they can pay the utility bills this way.

Be that as it may, or may not — the fun begins soon, as we undertake the dissection of the Gahan campaign’s expenditures — we’re left with a question: As it pertains to fairness and impartiality in a primary election, does the county party chairman have a responsibility to assure that all party candidates are treated the same? 

Neither the state nor local party rule books seem to address this, but the Democratic National Committee’s charter and bylaws do.

The Floyd County Democratic Party’s platform ends with this passage, implying that the local party must defer to the national party in matters undefined.

David White is a Democrat, and he’s running for mayor in the Democratic Party’s 2019 primary.

And yet, for White to get a sign at his own party’s downtown headquarters, he has been forced to hang it across the street.

How is Adam Dickey administering a fair and impartial primary election on behalf of the Democratic Party if only one candidate for mayor (hint: the $438,000 candidate) is accorded every square inch of the window at the party’s headquarters?

Isn’t this level of hypocrisy intense even by Dickey’s lofty standards?

Maybe the best explanations are here.

If you’re one of those gung-ho local Democratic party members waking each morning to coffee, then hurling abuse at Donald Trump for sleaze and corruption before you’ve even used the toilet, howzabout while you’re in there you take a glance at the mirror and observe exactly who is condoning bad party behavior right here in Anchor City?

Not a pretty sight, is it?

(thanks J)