The Jeff Gahan Money Machine, Part 14: Kentucky-based GRW Engineers and the subtle art of the $200 out-of-state handshake.


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Some people go to the zoo, but during the coming weeks we’ll be plucking highlights from eight years of the Committee to Elect Gahan’s CFA-4 campaign finance reports. Strap in, folks — and don’t forget those air(head) sickness bags.

Outside firms from other cities and states typically are awarded no-bid planning, design and supervision contracts, then local contractors go bobbing for jobbing.

The locals also stand ready to bid on the daily and weekly gigs, as in this excerpt from sewer board (J. Gahan. president) minutes in late 2018.

These local aspirants also donate to Dear Leader’s campaign finance monolith.

AllTerrain and owner Stephen Triplett: $10,750 (three donor years)
Jeff Eastridge (CCE): $5,500 (two donor years)

The acknowledged king of below-the-radar work for numerous city agencies (eight straight years donating) already has been documented.

The Jeff Gahan Money Machine, Part 3: Eight-year donor Terry Ginkins and a consistency of beak-wetting.

GRW is an engineering, architectural and geospatial consulting firm in Kentucky. It opened an office in li’l ol’ Nawbany in 2007, and according to a former stormwater board member, gets many stormwater and sewer board contracts, as with the Autumn Grove subdivision on Kenzig Road in 2014 and this random excerpt from sewer board minutes in 2015.

Let’s glance at the higher-ups and their snazzy suits.

GRW Engineering
Benjamin D. Fister 200
Ron D. Gilkerson 200
Harvey H. Helm 200
Robert Morrow Hench 200
Joseph Henry 200
James Hilborn IV 200
William Maynard 200
Brad Montgomery 200
Total: $1,600

No, it isn’t that much money, but I’m still impressed with the systematic nature of eight GRW employees, each one of them living near Lexington or Frankfort, offering exactly the same sum as though they were business cards — or, “don’t bother shaking my hand if there isn’t $200 in it.”

Does it work this way at YOUR job?

Of course not. Be the kickbacks large or small, why should Jeff Gahan accept and receive them, apart from sheer greed?


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