Colonial Manor redevelopment visioning to be the subject of a public meeting on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.


One must remember at all times that whatever it is, Jeff Gahan was for it before anyone else — unless it’s bad, then he was against it from the very start. Dear Leader does not make mistakes, and genuinely believes he’s been error-free since 2012.

Which doesn’t explain the Bud Light Mang-O-Rita in his hand.

As the emperor’s acolytes fit him for some brand new clothes, we turn to the Colonial Manor center on Charlestown Road. Redevelopment is having a public meeting, and we can only hope that the advent of Josh Staten as director implies an actual willingness to listen at such events. I’m optimistic. Staten studied at the University of Louisville with John Gilderbloom, and that’s strong medicine.

Folks in the neighborhood have a Facebook page called Colonial Manor Redevelopment Visioning.

The purpose of this citizen-organized, grassroots, non-partisan Facebook Group is to envision possibilities and positive ideas for the potential redevelopment of the Colonial Manor center area on Charlestown Road in New Albany. It is designed to collect ideas, primarily from those living in or doing business within a one-mile radius of Colonial Manor, in advance of a city redevelopment public hearing set for Wednesday, March 20, 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. This public hearing is at Fairmont Elementary School and you are cordially invited and encouraged to attend and express your thoughts and ideas then, too.

It’s interesting how all this came about. Grassroots activists attended more than one public meeting to petition for action, and were told by the administration that it already was so shocked and appalled by the recent demise of Arby’s that the imminent awarding of no-bid contracts to outside consulting firms for top-down revitalization plans was a lead-pipe certainty. Piggy banks have ears, and at Gahan’s vault they’re twitching in anticipation. 

Well, I always told you the higher-ups were eating lunch at Arby’s — and of course, the problems in the Colonial Manor area long predate the dismantlement of a single unfortunate artery-clogging fast-food grease trap, but I suppose we must begin somewhere.

As such, see you Wednesday. I’ll be there early, hoping this time will be different, and preparing to drink heavily if it isn’t … and either way, #FireGahan2019