Post YOUR #GahanShoppingCart photos. Here are two to get things started.


I’m not recommending you shop at Kroger, but if you do, find a cart with Mayor Monetizer’s mug on it, pick a clever item or two and show us the results.

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Budget hearing cue ball personality cult revelation: It’s the Redevelopment Commission paying to put Jeff Gahan’s face on shopping carts. (September 1, 2017)

At least that’s what the highest paid attorney in city government said during recent city council budget hearings.

Mr. Phipps asked if the ads on the shopping carts would come out of that.

Mr. Gibson stated he thinks that comes out of redevelopment because it is with the parks aspect.

Did Shane mean aspect — or aspic?

What a relief to know that taxpayers are footing the bill to place Jeff Gahan’s mug on every inanimate object with or without wheels. I foolishly thought perhaps the mayor would be paying for re-election campaign ads from his campaign war chest. I have so much to learn.

Thanks, Mr. Joshua. The mayor will let you know when he needs a tithe from the New Albany Housing Authority.


Scraping rock bottom: Jeff Gahan brings his cult of personality to Kroger shopping carts. But who paid for these political ads?

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