Neither Deaf Gahan nor Mike Hall are present as stellar rally in support of an Indiana hate crimes bill takes place at Caesartennial Park.


This Sunday: “Southern Indiana Residents Rally to ‘Protect Hoosiers From Hate,’ Support Comprehensive Bias Crimes Law.”

After a one-week weather delay, we had a pleasant spring day. The rally was short, mostly bipartisan and straight to the point.

The pay-to-play hierarchy of the Floyd County Democratic Party didn’t seem to be very interested in the proceedings, but we’ve some to expect very little from them apart from vapid posturing, so their absence wasn’t a tremendous surprise.

Congrats to the organizers. It was a spirited but professionally planned event with ample substance and a communal spirit.

Southern Indiana community members to rally for hate crime law Sunday, by Rachael Krause (WAVE)

Community members in Southern Indiana will rally for hate crime law Sunday

Indiana is one of just five states without a hate crime law, it’s a statistic Hoosiers hear regularly.

Despite repeated calls for legislation to pass that would implement strong protections, lawmakers continue to show that one in five statistic is one that won’t be easily changed.

In February, the Indiana Senate approved a hate crime bill but the legislation had stripped away the list of included protections for people based on things like race, gender identity or religion. The bill has been criticized by many around the state who say without a list of protected people, the bill likely won’t be strong enough to protect victims of targeted crimes.

Joining the call to do better and propose stronger legislation is Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb …