Homeschoolers react with puzzlement as Deaf Gahan reads to them from his masterwork, “TIF Area Erotica.”


It was THAT kind of week, as area news agencies fell over themselves to transform Gahan’s rails-to-trails pipe dream of a campaign slogan into some semblance of reality.

Meanwhile, we kept right on reporting the facts.

It’s New Albany, not New Gahania, and we don’t need a Gahan-scaled personality cult.

We don’t need an insular clique farming contracts and favors to the same old special interest donors, or taxpayer-funded municipal media feeds that function as campaign tokens. Gahanism has been a colossal bait ‘n’ switch, with working people and the downtrodden paying the freight for ruinously expensive luxury facades. It’s all for show, and when we peel away the glitz, there’s nothing underneath except a former veneer salesman’s tin-can ambition.

I’ll be voting for David White in May, and I encourage you to do the same.