The Jeff Gahan Money Machine, Part 6: GM Development, yet another economic development consultancy from afar.


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Some people knit for fun, but during the coming weeks we’ll be plucking highlights from eight years of the Committee to Elect Gahan’s CFA-4 campaign finance reports. Strap in, folks — and don’t forget those air(head) sickness bags.

Here’s a slice of boilerplate from a Board of Works meeting in February of 2017, just before David “Bag Man” Duggins was shifted from glad-handing contractors in economic dishevelment to threatening public housing residents with being given a good TASER-ing if they didn’t straighten up and bow to Dear Leader properly.

Strictly cookie-cutter; after all, $55,000 for advice from an Indianapolis consultant, as lifted from “excess” funds (!) barely qualifies as an expenditure, right?

GM Development and its honcho Greg Martz may gotten other, similar contracts, having greased the wheels of beak-wetting with a few choice contributions to Jeff Gahan’s piggy bank

         GM Dev.         Greg Martz
2018    3,000
2017    3,000
2016                            3,000
2015    1,000
2014       500
2013                            5,000

Total: $15,500

It’s not the highest donor total, but a nice chunk of change and enough to launch a negative mailer at the first sign of anxiety.

Rebuttals are welcome and will be published unaltered — so don’t forget spellcheck. If you have supplementary information to offer about any of this, please let us know and we’ll update the page. The preceding was gleaned entirely from public records, with the addresses of “individuals” removed.

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