Beth White’s video testimonial: “I have always partnered with my husband David, and I will continue to do so.”


In the video Beth White, wife of Democratic mayor hopeful David White, details their life-long commitment to serving our community and tells us why her husband deserves your vote. Beth is a mother of four, a physical therapy assistant at New Albany-Floyd County Schools, the Harvest Homecoming President-Elect, and a local philanthropist.


In the mayor’s race, David White is saying exactly what needs to be said.

With David White as mayor we’ll have ethical standards from the get go — not Jeff Gahan’s pay-to-play cesspool on the down low.

David White speaks with the News and TomMayBune about the Harvest Homecoming Festival Foundation.

David White: “On May 7th, you will have the opportunity to get your city back, but I need your help.”

David White’s video reassures city employees on the shop floor and condemns politically-motivated retribution from above.

ON THE AVENUES SPECIAL EDITION: As David White’s mayoral campaign begins, let’s briefly survey the electoral landscape.

GREEN MOUSE SAYS: David White addresses citizens and city employees in a News & Tribune insert today, denouncing deception, bullying, non-transparency and debt.

Democrat David White to announce his candidacy for mayor of New Albany at noon on Monday, October 1.