Our out-of-touch, tone-Deaf Gahan, bought and paid for by special interests. Let’s hear YOUR stories about Gahan’s #CultureOfCorruption.


Mayor Jeff Gahan’s campaign finance reports are like iceberg tips. There is far more down below the water line, out of our view, originating in the familiar cash-stuffed envelopes — and fully including favors (remember David Duggins’ classic Keeneland junket at Denton Floyd’s expense?)

NA Confidential’s special election year coverage already is under way.

The Jeff Gahan Money Machine, Part 3: Eight-year donor Terry Ginkins and a consistency of beak-wetting.

The Jeff Gahan Money Machine, Part 2: Of fire stations, amphitheater studies and Axis Architecture and Interiors of Indianapolis.

The Jeff Gahan Money Machine, Part 1: Mysterious CRS Marketing and the inevitable HWC Engineering tie-in.

But I need YOUR help documenting our ruling elite’s #CultureOfCorruption. Tell me about your experiences with the Jeff Gahan Money Machine, and together we can pull back the curtain and reveal the truth behind the propaganda — and make absolutely no mistake, because that’s exactly what Gahanism is, pure propaganda masking pervasive corruption.

Confidentiality is assured. Write me and we’ll talk. Thank you.