Redevelopment Commission hands $40,000 for infrastructure subsidy to a fast food chain on Grant Line Road. Where do indies queue for some of this action?


Just a random glance at small potatoes fixes, approved and forgotten. From the minutes of the January 22 Redevelopment Commission meeting:

The developer slated for $40,000 to improve a privately held parking lot:

No one argues that Muncy has upgraded an outmoded suburban asphalt pit. The location:

The latest cookie-cutter sandwich chain to titillate us with sheer meaninglessness:

My question, as always: Do independent restaurant operators have a snowball’s chance in Guam of scoring a similar subsidy?

Break up into groups and discuss … and don’t forget to #FireGahan2019 … to sweep clean those department heads, clear the appointed boards, and see if we can’t make all this local system a tad more democratic (lower case “d”).