The Jeff Gahan Money Machine, Part 2: Of fire stations, amphitheater studies and Axis Architecture and Interiors of Indianapolis.


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Some people watch movies for fun, but during the coming weeks we’ll be plucking highlights from eight years of the Committee to Elect Gahan’s CFA-4 campaign finance reports. Strap in, folks — and don’t forget those air(head) sickness bags.

Preceding is the record of campaign donations made to Mayor Jeff Gahan by the Indianapolis firm Axis Architecture and Interiors from 2011 through 2018. The total is $11,750, and Axis is one of three Gahan donors uncovered so far to have contributed in each of the past eight years (the others are the Clark Dietz PAC and New Albany contractor Terry Ginkins, who since the public housing putsch has been an NAHA board member).

The total is $11,750. Axis lists New Albany’s newest fire house among its completed projects.

It’s probably just a flip-of-the-doubloon coincidence that Axis is to receive the impending contract for the “Axis Downtown Conceptual Design” expenditure, an amphitheater and levee parking vicinity study.

Ah, but design studies, consultations, engineering preliminaries … they’re all discretionary, courtesy of appointed boards. Whomever makes the (ahem) “best pitch” gets the contract.

If you have supplementary information to offer about any of this, please let us know and we’ll update the page. The preceding was gleaned entirely from public records, with the addresses of “individuals” removed.

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