The Jeff Gahan Money Machine, Part 1: Mysterious CRS Marketing and the inevitable HWC Engineering tie-in.


Some people watch movies for fun, but during the coming weeks we’ll be plucking highlights from eight years of the Committee to Elect Gahan’s CFA-4 campaign finance reports.

This one was tough.

Who knew there was an Atlanta, Indiana?

But what is CRS Marketing?

Terry Baker is President of HWC Engineering.

Cheryl Simpson Baker is Terry Baker’s wife and also appears to be working for HWC Engineering. George A. Simpson is an attorney in Indianapolis specializing in divorce and family law, and might just be Cheryl Simpson Baker’s brother.

That’s $3,000 in 2018 from Baker himself, to be racked up alongside other donations to Gahan from HWC officials (HWC owner Ed Jolliffe has contributed $22,500 since 2014), and another $2,000 from an obscure marketing company with Baker family connections, coming to $5,000 more to Gahan from outside New Albany.

21 March update: Here’s the exact current view of HWC and affiliated donations.

AB & E Consulting LLC (Jolliffe company 2,500
Terry Baker 3,000
CRS Marketing Inc 2,000
Ed Jolliffe (HWC) 22,500
Total: $30,000

If you have supplementary information to offer about any of this, please let us know and we’ll update the page. The preceding was gleaned entirely from public records, with the addresses of “individuals” removed.

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