HRC says: See a swastika sticker? Don’t destroy the evidence — call the police.

Nürnberg, 1945.

The New Albany Human Rights Commission’s Jennifer Ortiz shared the following at her Facebook page following the HRC meeting earlier this evening.

New Albany Residents:

Today, the Human Rights Commission held a public forum to discuss the recent string of Nazi Stickers in our town. Based on discussions at this meeting, the Chief of Police and the HRC ask that anyone who sees Nazi stickers around town please take the following steps:

1. Do not remove the stickers as the Chief stated we need to preserve evidence. These stickers are considered vandalism.

2. Contact NAPD at 812-944-6411 (not 911) and report the incident and location to law enforcement. The police will document the incident and remove the stickers.

3. If you are unable or unwilling to contact police, please take photos and email them to the New Albany Human Rights Commission at Please note the date of the incident and the location.

4. You may also email Chief Bailey directly at

Feel free to share this post widely.

I didn’t attend and cannot elaborate, but this seems sensible.

New Albany’s HRC and the Southern Poverty Law Center on countering the Alt-Right, extremism and white supremacy.