In 2016 alone, 50,400 reasons to vote against Jeff Gahan in 2019.


In the year of Our Dear Leader 2016, Jeff Gahan’s re-election committee received 31 donations totaling $50,400.

That’s an average of $1,625 for all donors. Not exactly grassroots affection, is it?

However, just the top ten of these donors — 4 of them at $5,000, 4 at $3,000, 2 at $2,500 — brought in a total of $37,000. Some of them were individuals, but their companies are well known.

Of this $37,000, 60% of it came from donors outside city limits — and all 10 top donors, as well as numerous other donors contributing $500 to $1,000 (two of them at $2,000), do business with the city in some capacity.

They pay Gahan — and they’re paid with YOUR money.

2016 was just another normal patronage-as-usual year out of the past eight. If you’d like to peruse the “who’s who” of the lawyers practicing in Indianapolis — and the PACs, and the developers, and so many special interests that the mind reels — stay tuned. I’m almost finished with the first part of the journey through the 2011 – 2018 Gahan campaign finance swamp, and it’s simply amazing.

The 2019 municipal election season has one major issue: pay to play as practiced by the governing clique in New Albany, and the inevitability of corruption arising from it. You don’t think they’re giving him money because of his looks, do you?