By popular demand, here’s the recipe for Marijuana Rice Krispies Treats … and a fun bonus.


It’s been twenty-something years for me, since before some of you were born. Alcoholic beverages are fine for me, thank you, BUT we must keep abreast of culinary trends.

How To Make Marijuana Rice Crispy Treats (Recipe)
, by Johnny Green (Weed News)

Cannabis rice crispy treats are one of the most popular edibles that cannabis consumers can make at home, largely because it’s such an easy process. The biggest trick to making them is having cannabis butter on hand. The more potent the cannabis butter, the more potent the cannabis rice crispy treats.

Below is a recipe for cannabis rice crispy treats that I have used for years with great success …

But who even knew about the possibilities for adaptive reuse?

Below is a version of cannabis rice crispy treats that incorporates Fruity Pebbles instead of regular rice crispy cereal for a different taste …

Unfortunately and contrary to popular belief, I seem to have LOST my appetite.