PINTS & UNION PORTFOLIO: Solid Gold, from both Founders and Keith Moon.


I place beer orders for Pints&union on Monday and Tuesday. We do not have a surplus of cold storage area, so it’s usually a variation of the “just in time” approach.

Last week I learned there would be a brief interruption of the Falls City Classic Pilsner draft supply.

(According to local beer writer Kevin Gibson), in the patois of the present, Falls City Classic Pilsner might be described as a “throwback” or “retro” beer, although perhaps the word “reincarnation” better describes the phenomenon of your grandfather’s beer coming back to life for new generation of beer drinkers.

Since the pub’s opening last August we’ve been depleting a keg each week of FCCP, so I knew it would be necessary to find a pinch-hitter to pour for a few days until order was restored. My choice was Founders Solid Gold, which I expect will last through the business week beginning Tuesday, February 12.

The flavor is just what you’d expect: a better version of an American lager like the mostly watered-down versions Americans were force-fed for generations. Solid Gold is a lawnmower beer with more flavor and a bit of body to go with it, while also being ridiculously approachable at just 4.4 percent alcohol by volume.

This should be fun. The retail price of Founders Solid Gold is only a few cents higher than Falls City Classic Pilsner, and both offer excellent value. But there’s something else that caught my eye ear about Solid Gold.

Minus Founders the brewery, and turning to the era of old school rock and pop music, “Solid Gold” was a song from Keith Moon’s fabled solo album, Two Sides of the Moon.

Keith Moon’s 1975 solo album Two Sides of the Moon has been described as “the most expensive karaoke album in history,” and even as that, it was a colossal failure, the perfect expression of drunken self-indulgence, and it was so fascinatingly bad that it has assumed a certain cult status. But make no mistake, it was a horrible album on all counts made by a brilliant drummer who chose barely to play drums on it (he appears behind the kit on only three tracks) but instead chose to sing, even though he was tone deaf by his own admission.

I’m a huge fan of The Who, and Moon the Loon was my musical idol when Jimmy Carter was president. But those days are gone, and Founders had something else entirely in mind (and much, much better) with Solid Gold premium lager.

Try it (the beer); I think you’ll like it — but remember we’ll be going back to our featured Falls City Classic Pilsner as soon as a fresh keg arrives.