Have you been threatened or harassed by Mayor Jeff Gahan or someone in his inner circle? Let’s talk about it.


Have you been threatened or harassed by Mayor Gahan or someone in his inner circle?

If so, I need to speak with you. I’d like to hear your story, and moreover I’d like to write your story and tell your story — understandably, given the likelihood of reprisals, your anonymity is assured.

It’s an election year and Team Gahan will spend the following months hoisting numerous pictures of bright, shiny objects. These will be accompanied by glowing words of boilerplate written to a template stolen from big league Democrats by unctuous sycophants like Adam ‘Tricky” Dickey.

Team Gahan won’t mention hidden costs or the extent to which the mayor’s cult of personality is taxpayer-funded. They will say nothing of the pay-to-play patronage system that funnels tens of thousands of dollars into the campaign finance account.

Most importantly, they’ll say nothing about Gahan’s persistent abuse of living, breathing human beings, depicting him as a benevolent “little father” to all childlike New Albanians.

Many of you know better. Your stories need to be heard so we can begin to demolish Jeff Gahan’s personality cult, one fabrication at a time. Folks, the emperor’s new clothes are little more than press releases he commissions, then believes.

Thanks. I look forward to hearing your side of the story.