GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Is selective two-hour parking re-enforcement downtown slated to begin next week?


Somewhere in the middle of Doug England’s third and final term as mayor, circa 2009, he publicly declared that two-hour parking downtown would cease as a gesture to local independent businesses.

In the years since, the selectivity of enforcement has grated, given that tickets for blocking a street sweeper have continued to be given, while (to cite one example) commercial vehicles continue to be allowed to block sight lines at intersections like the one at 9th and E. Spring. 

This morning the Green Mouse was tipped that next Monday the NAPD will institute selective re-enforcement of the two-hour parking limit, as limited to Pearl between Spring and Main, and Market between State and Bank.

We’re aware that Redevelopment Commission member Terry Middleton has been in charge of undisclosed parking committee research efforts. However, so far it isn’t clear if this enforcement resumption tip is fact or rumor.

If you know, please pass it on.