Giant logs of offal rule! Consequently, the Stuffed Camel Spleen Walk is to be Develop New Albany’s latest ambulatory street food fundraiser.


Anyone have the lyrics of the Frito Bandito theme song in Arabic?

Stuffed Camel Spleen, by Rachel Rummel (Atlas Obscura)

Giant logs of offal become satisfying street sandwiches in the old city of Fes.

Among the chaos of the Fes medina’s winding pedestrian walkways, street vendors slice and sear sausage-like entities that appear kindred to massive haggises.

They’re preparing pieces of spleen, stuffed taut with ground meat, spices, olives, and preserved lemon. These bulging loaves—which easily run more than a foot in length—sit alongside the griddle, set in a huge metal tray out in the open air. The offal casing is a camel’s spleen, called tehal, and the filling can contain a medley of camel, cow, and lamb meat. (Vendors offer the same fillings stuffed in a cow’s spleen, as well.) Traditionally, cooks prebake the filled log into a deep, dark shade using one of Morocco’s many communal bread ovens, then fry it to order …