It’s a city council Monday, and I’ll be needing a good stiff belt.


Don’t worry, Ronnie — I’m planning on rye. Exchange at 6?

Take a tip from me, people… brothers can’t you see
Ain’t no future in ole poison whiskey.
They’re gonna rush you down to see that doctor,
Yeah the doctor gonna check your head.
The only thing he’s gonna tell ya baby
“Stop drinkin’ Johnny Walker’s Red
Don’t drink poison whiskey, don’t you drink it boy.

Tonight’s agenda is sparse, but I’m looking forward to Wendy Dant Chesser’s annual defense of One Southern Indiana, if only to watch CM Bob “Always Ready to Shine the Shoes of the Oligarchs” Caesar get all misty-eyed.

And, a company called Progressive Materials wants the city to annex it; if council acts expeditiously, there’ll be a little something extra in Papa Doc Gahan’s campaign finance war chest next week.

Now, about that rye …