GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Just $400k in mechanics’ liens involving Denton Floyd and the Mansion on Main. Whither the Reisz Mahal?


As noted in Louisville Business First, two Mansion on Main subcontractors have filed “mechanics’ liens” against various of Denton Floyd’s LLCs.

The Green Mouse first heard about this last December.

Lien this way, because it’s a Mansion on Main pop quiz — and we’re leaning toward this autographed 12-pack of Bud Light Lime Mango-Rita as first prize.

To learn more about DF Development LLC, go here. There’s even nice views of Mayor Jeff Gahan cutting the ribbon at Mansion on Main.

It’s amazing Gahan can reach the ribbon with the scissors given all that cash in his pockets. To no one’s surprise, one or the other arms of Denton Floyd have found it expedient to feather Gahan’s re-election nest ever since then-redevelopment wheel-greaser David Duggins structured the pay-to-play.

Sonny and Cher provide the coda.

Always remember, and never forget: #FireGahan2019


ON THE AVENUES: Government Lives Matter, so it’s $10,000,000 for Gahan’s luxury city hall clique enhancement. Happy dumpster diving, peasants!

ON THE AVENUES: Could that be David Duggins paddling across Jeff Gahan’s putrid cesspool? On second thought, I’ll take the blindfold.