Luna enters our world.


In 2018 we sadly said goodbye to our two oldest feline friends. Hugo and Nadia both departed the planet at the age of 16, and as noted previously, their absence impelled our feral adoptee Mila to opt for a degree of self-domestication.

Nearing middle age (circa 7 years old), she’s generally sedate and perfectly content to kick back and survey the scene without undue motion.

Now for something completely different. This is Luna, and the 1117 East Spring Street Neighborhood Association welcomes her to the house.

Luna is around 8 months old, and recently was brought to Access Veterinary with a broken right rear leg by a family who couldn’t care for her any longer. Our friends Dr. Smock and Dr. Rowland repaired the damage; Luna has a pin in her leg and is currently equipped with a plastic head guard to prevent her from tearing the sutures.

Hopefully she’ll be as right as rain in three weeks, and we are delighted to give a kitty a home. It’s a serendipitous reboot to our household cat program, and we’re grateful to the docs and their excellent team at Access for letting us know Luna needed us.

For the first three or so weeks, Luna gets to camp in this nice tent. That’s because she cannot wander the house unattended owing to the danger of jumping on tables and furniture, and possibly reinjuring her leg. Diana set up Luna’s perimeter.

Luna isn’t tremendously happy with being restricted to quarters.

Job one is to wait until the incision is healed so she can be relieved of her head gear. Then it’s a matter of grinding out the weeks until she can be set free to roam.

Will Mila approve? Stay tuned. I’m already exhausted, but the house feels like a home again.