GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Gahan’s imperial third term announcement rumored for February 5. Those Brinks trucks parked by the Culbertson Mansion? They’re his campaign platform.


The Green Mouse says Jeff Gahan’s march to re-enthronement begins February 5 (Tuesday) at 5:30 p.m. at the Culbertson Mansion. The last New Albany mayor to be elected to three consecutive terms was C. Pralle Erni, whose tenure spanned four terms from 1948 through 1963.

We haven’t had a look at Gahan’s campaign finance report from 2018, but our best guess is that he went into 2019 with around $150,000 on hand. Primary challenger David White will be an underdog in terms of money, but not personal integrity. We’re supporting David, and ask that you do the same.

Don’t forget there are reasons why no mayor has been elected to three consecutive terms during the past half-century. Contrary to Gahan’s incessant claims of omniscience, he’s made plenty of mistakes. The Gahan personality cultists says he’s beloved, but he’s made plenty of enemies, too — and party chairman Tricky Dickey might well be more widely mistrusted than Gahan, although that’s a coin flip from Hell.

More folks are against Gahan than for him. Granted, they must vote accordingly. Gahan’s money machine will try to see to it that apathy reigns. We’ve no choice but to fight the fix every step of the way, and #FireGahan2019

What New Albany needs desperately right now is Toto — not the band, but its namesake dog.

Dear Leader? Hardly. It’s going to be an exciting spring.