New Albany primary filings: Old white male Democratic council functionaries as yet unchallenged by diversity.


Amanda Pahmeier joins Scott Stewart on the 2nd district GOP ticket.

If the two major parties restrict choice during their primary elections, how can we lament low voter turnout?

Just remember that the primary election rationale is based solely on the needs of the political party system. Independent candidacies come later, as with Dan Coffey’s probable run for mayor.

Kudos to Jennie Collier, but where are the women and minorities to challenge the Democratic Party’s old white functionary council slate?

ELECTION FILING UPDATE: Hall to face primary opposition in Charlestown, by Chris Morris (Two Christian Columnists Every Sunday)

Deadline to file for primary is Feb. 8


Only a handful of candidates have officially filed for the municipal primary in May.

All three New Albany City Council Republican At-Large representatives, David Aebersold, David Barksdale and Al Knable have filed for re-election. Maury Goldberg is the only Democrat to throw his hat into the at-large race.

There will be a new representative in District 1 as independent Dan Coffey does not intend to run for re-election. Republican Stefanie Griffith and Democrat Jennie Collier have filed in District 1. Both are political newcomers.

In District 2, Republicans Scott Stewart and Amanda M. Pahmeier have filed, as has incumbent Democrat Bob Caesar. Democrat incumbent Greg Phipps is the only candidate so far to file in District 3. In District 4, Republican Cisa Kubley and Democrat incumbent Pat McLaughlin have filed, as has Republicans Josh Turner, District 5, and Scott Evans, District 6.