The local chain newspaper has nothing better to do than poll readers about a restaurant’s menu changes?


I’ve already commented on Town, formerly known as Come Back Inn, but really, does one restaurant’s menu change and reboot merit an Online Poll?

By the way, shouldn’t the header reference the new name and not the old one?

I can hear the answer: “But it’s just down the street from our office in Jeffersonville.”

Yep. The News and Tribune grows ever more Jeffersonville-centric, while in New Albany, we’re given a burned-out steno who hasn’t once peeked behind the Potemkin facades of local mis-government.

But how very important it is to weigh in on a single Jeffersonville eatery’s changes, to the exclusion of dozens of other issues that impact hundreds more people on a daily basis. Is Hanson trying to sell them an advertising package?

Viewing the newspaper’s inexorable decline is a lot like watching Bill Allen’s pathetically neglected buildings on Main Street rot. How much longer will there be any value to them?