Same but different: “Come Back Inn in Jeffersonville opened last week as Town, a neighborhood pub and restaurant.”


We’ve been fans of Jeffersonville’s Come Back Inn almost from the beginning, and tremendously admire the individuality and perseverance of Chris and London Smith (both of whom I recall from substitute teaching at Floyd Central, a fact that dates us all).

I know heads are being scratched about the seemingly abrupt metamorphosis into Town, but it’s important to understand that gradual reinvention in a restaurant or bar is constant, anyway. There comes a time to go for the gusto, and they have. It will remain a special place, and they’ll be fine.

Can’t wait to get up there and try the new menu.

Why this well-known restaurant is changing concepts, rebranding, by Bridgett Weaver (Louisville Business First)

A local restaurant is rebranding and revamping its menu after 17 years.

After more than 17 years of serving the same (well-known and well-liked) food, a Louisville-area restaurant is shaking things up.

Come Back Inn in Jeffersonville opened last week as Town, a neighborhood pub and restaurant. Co-owner Chris Smith said it was time to try something new.

“When you are serving the same thing, the same food — it’s not that it’s not good — it’s just nice to be able to have a more creative side and be proud of what you’re doing,” Smith said. “That creativity starts to dwindle a bit after 17 years.”

Smith originally opened the Jeffersonville restaurant in a partnership with the owners of Louisville’s Come Back Inn on Swan Street. After splitting up three years later, he entered a licensing agreement with the Louisville Come Back Inn to continue operating under the name and using the same recipes.

“It was just time to separate and move on,” he said. The restaurant is “less Italian-centric than we used to be. It was time to move on and do new things.”

Since the licensing agreement was dissolved as part of the rebranding to Town, the menu and recipes changed, too.

“Every single recipe is totally different,” Smith said.

But he said the atmosphere won’t change, and the entire staff will remain on board …