The owners of SweetFrog Downtown explain their decision to close at the end of 2018.


Let’s allow the Alexanders to speak for themselves. 

Dear froyo friends

Over 3 years ago we had a vision for downtown New Albany. We wanted to bring something special to #OurNA that would be something fresh, something fun, and family friendly. We were not looking to open a frozen yogurt shop but the opportunity was presented to us and we ‘hopped’ on it so to speak and landed on a healthier sweet treat. We self financed the build out and worked our butts off to open SweetFrog Downtown New Albany late Feb 2017.

As we’ve mentioned before, and as all our downtown shop keepers know, owning a small businesses hard-owning a small business when you have small children and work day jobs is even harder. We have struggled ever since we opened which of course is expected from a new small business as we have been trying all year long to obtain funding in order to install our glycol coolant system and to pay off a lease on our froyo machines.

Unfortunately, we have exhausted all of our efforts and we feel like we have run out of options. It’s hard to let something go especially when you have put your money, blood, sweat and tears into something that you truly believed would be beneficial to your community. We feel like we had a warm reception from downtown New Albany but we also needed to have a strong steady customer base which we just could not get to in our almost 2 years open. After absorbing two years of extremely high utility bills to keep the machines cooled, until a more permanent solution could be achieved, the cost has just been too high.

This is literally the hardest decision we have ever had to make. But at some point you have to sit down and take stock of what is really important in life and where you need to be present. And finally see this NOT as a failure but as an accomplished venture that had to come to an end too soon. With us personally working so many of the hours) one of us is there everyday of the week) to keep the employee cost down, we feel like we have stretched ourselves too thin. We feel like every spare moment this whole year has been spent trying to find a funding solution for the store to be able to stay open. We are very sorry that we have to leave you New Albany.😢

We truly hope that you will support us and help us go out with a bang! Please encourage your family and friends to come see us. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Please come see us even if it is raining or snowing!

We will keep the froyo flowing until we run out and we’ll have frozen take-home varieties for you to enjoy after we close. As of right now the plan is to close our doors at the end of 2018. An official close date will be announced later in December. We do plan on a final celebration so stay tuned for your invite to that as well!

We want to thank all of our family and friends for their support, all of our loyal froyo customers and all of our staff that have stuck with us. We could not have done this with all your love and support!

😇God bless and Merry Christmas.🎁

~Justin and Leah Alexander