All hail the ‘Bama pensioners — and read yet another of the local chain newspaper’s religious advocacy columns.


I’m sure Tom May is a jolly good fellow, but this religious advocacy crusade at the Chronicle of Clark County is drivel. Of course, it isn’t entirely the writer’s fault.

He’s enabled by a fading newspaper seemingly unable to grasp that we live in a diverse community, one deserving a multiplicity of viewpoints. Instead, day in and day out, we witness groveling to advertisers and pandering to low common denominators.

Absolutely clueless management at the News and Tribune.

Are they afraid that alternate points of view might offend the few remaining subscribers?

That performing something approximating investigative journalism would turn off the spigot of municipal advertising?

That letting someone other than Tom May write weekly columns wouldn’t be a welcome change for those of us repelled by the dogmatic repetition?

What’s really going on here?

Does Tom May have the incriminating photos stashed in a saf deposit box somewhere?

MAY: Collision course with Christmas by Tom May (Bill’s Favorite Content Provider)

The paths of the government and Christmas have long been on a collision course …

 … In those days, the government was concerned with itself and not the circumstances of an engaged couple expecting a child. Perhaps that is why Isaiah proclaimed that the government would be upon His shoulder. What an incredible promise! The real hope of the world doesn’t depend upon the strength of the government. In those days, just like today, hope depends not on the government, but on the grace of God.