Silver Creek bridge on nearly completed Ohio River Greenway hailed by area politicians as the solution to our affordable housing dilemma.


No, not at all, but it’s the long-awaited conclusion to a 25-year-long project that Germans would have completed in 1998, and a very good thing that took way too long to build. So it goes. Meanwhile …

Harvest Homelessness in New Albany: Who do you believe, Mayor Gahan or your own two eyes?

The next step will be eliminating the homeless encampments that insist on reappearing within eyesight of recreational cyclists. Unsightliness? it simply won’t do with a municipal election year approaching.

Pathway between New Albany, Clarksville now open to pedestrians and new possibilities, by Melissa Goforth (Picayune de la Tom May)

CLARKSVILLE – The completion of a newly constructed pedestrian bridge spanning Silver Creek has opened up a much-anticipated path for foot and bike traffic between New Albany and Clarksville – and it has local leaders dreaming big about the opportunities it brings.

The new bridge, which replaced an old railroad bridge, is the last major phase of a bigger Ohio River Greenway project called the Lewis and Clark Trail.

When completed in the spring, this seven-mile trail will link those two communities together with Jeffersonville along the Ohio River Greenway.

This is a significant milestone for the development because, for the first time ever, it is possible for pedestrians and cyclists alike to travel between all three communities, with access to and from Louisville.

While people have already begun utilizing the bridge, Clarksville’s Parks and Recreation Superintendent Brian Kaluzny is quick to note the overall project is not complete nor does the town have oversight of the bridge or trail at this point.

“It’s not ours yet,” he said. “It will remain under the contractor until next May or so” …