More about George Herriman and Krazy Kat; Michael Tisserand, Herriman’s biographer, will be at Destinations Booksellers on Monday, November 19.

In Finnish, too.

The more I read about Herriman and his work, the more interesting it gets.

Michael Tisserand, biographer of Krazy Kat creator George Herriman, will be at Destinations Booksellers on Monday, November 19.

Cary Stemle is the impetus for Tisserand’s appearance at Destinations on Monday. He has spoken with the author, and the story is here:

Visiting author will talk about what we can learn from ‘Krazy Kat,’ a cartoon born 100 years ago, by Cary Stemle (Insider Louisville)

Early in the 20th century, an eccentric New Orleans-born figure named George Herriman parlayed his wry sense of humor and accomplished graphic skills into a lucrative and influential career.

After drawing several short-lived newspaper comic strips, Herriman struck artistic gold with “Krazy Kat,” which featured the titular black cat along with a white mouse named Ignatz and a police bulldog called Officer Pupp.

Today, Herriman’s strip remains a topic of interest both culturally and artistically. Michael Tisserand, former editor of the New Orleans alternative newsweekly Gambit, will be in the Louisville area on Monday, Nov. 19, to discuss his biography of the artist, titled “Krazy: George Herriman, A Life in Black and White” …