Centenary United Methodist Church, downtown — it’s half a city block, now up for sale.


I took the photos in late August after learning Centenary’s sale was impending, but saw no reason to “break” the story.

Everything in due time.

Now that it’s public knowledge, reuse options are an interesting diversion; somewhere between 80 and 100 parking spaces are in back, which might also be prime for anti-car-centric infill. 

Mike Kopp has the realtor’s brief. We don’t need any more food and drink, do we?

Housing, on the other hand …

Centenary United Methodist Church in New Albany for sale, by Chris Morris (Tom May Hyper Content Meatgrinder)

Congregation plans to move to another site

NEW ALBANY — Centenary United Methodist Church in New Albany will celebrate its 180th birthday next year. While the congregation continues to be very active in the community, the numbers of those attending Sunday service have dwindled in recent years. It is becoming harder and more expensive to maintain the building at 309 E. Spring St., prompting church members to make a difficult decision.

The property, including the church, parsonage and parking lot, is now for sale …