Shawn and Ann Carruthers “foster unity and cohesiveness in Southern Indiana.”


The photo above was borrowed from Shawn’s Facebook page. The one below testifies to the ability of our two most recent candidates for commissioner to run clean, respectful campaigns.

We get too few feel-good stories amid the local political scene. This is one of them.

Shawn, Ann Carruthers excel through service, by Melissa Goforth (Tom May’s Lair)

 … Ann and Shawn both say they tackle their respective work with the same desire to foster unity and cohesiveness in Southern Indiana.

Shawn says he is focused on leading his county’s Republican party and working to find common ground across the board as a county commissioner to benefit every resident.

“I don’t have any big plans for the next political position. I’m focused on the here and now, making sure I do the best job as a commissioner to help people,” Shawn said

“I understand that I am on a three-member board, which is a small board that represents a lot of people. So, I want to take every one of those concerns very seriously and just be the best commissioner I can be today and make sure that Floyd County moves forward, and it is the best county in this area.”

For Ann, her passion is centered around helping those in need, especially when it comes to her work as the president of the local non-profit organization Prevent Child Abuse and, in her desire to empower those struggling with mental health issues.

As a New Albany township trustee, she hopes to utilize that platform in expanding her mission to improve and influence the lives of local youth and families.

“We’re team players, and that’s kind of the core of how we make things happen,” Ann said.

While it’s easy to see how the couple has risen to the top, they didn’t begin there — or even aspire to be in such high-profile roles.

Their journey together began more than two decades ago when they met at a church function for youth …