Goodbye, farewell and amen; Lloyd, you’re not forgotten and won’t ever be.


Our friend Lloyd Wimp died eight years ago on November 12, 2010. Time passes much too quickly, and it’s been a while since our collective hat was tipped to his memory. Consider this rectified. Speaking personally, a week doesn’t go by without my smiling at the recollection of a Lloyd moment in times past.

If you knew Lloyd, you know exactly what I mean. If you didn’t, trust me. He was one of the special, unforgettable fellows. He’ll always be missed, and never forgotten. 

As a closing note, the portrait mentioned below adorned the Public House wall for 7 years until it was removed last summer and placed with other items for removal to my basement, as part of the buy-sell resolution of my business divorce. I can’t speak for why my ex-partners no longer desired to have Lloyd around, but be assured that he’s currently posted on the wall of the home library.

November 30, 2010

Goodbye, farewell and amen.

Last night’s wake in honor of our friend Lloyd Wimp proved to be a rousing sendoff. Close to three kegs of Guinness were consumed, memories and tales and stories were shared, and there was music, food and laughter. Lloyd wanted us to have a good time and remember him, and I believe the evening did him proud.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and pay for the evening; you know who you are. Special thanks to Martin, Jon and Leslie (Lloyd’s wife, who drew the marvelous portrait above; it will hang in the barroom of the Public House).

Here are a few of the photos collected by Jon, as well as the .jpg of Lloyd’s eulogy, written by Lloyd himself, and read by Martin. It’s time to say goodbye, and to get back to work. To echo Jared: “Long Live The Highwayman!”