SHANE’S EXCELLENT NEW WORDS: “The tradition you uphold as a curmudgeon is an ancient and proud one.”


I always assumed this book was issued to me at birth: The Portable Curmudgeon. Shockingly, it dates to 1992, when I was 32 years old.

This is the source of my identity as “Potable Curmudgeon,” and the following essay is an in-depth examination of the genre.

Curmudgeons and Proper Curmudgeonly Behavior, by Karen “aethelthryth” ( Letterpile)

Curmudgeonry: A Noble Ambition

I thought I should take a break from more serious topics to explain curmudgeons, curmudgeonly behavior, and curmudgeonry in general. Many people seem to think curmudgeons just happen and do not realize there are people who want to be, and even aspire to be, curmudgeons.

This article grew from a conversation I had with a college friend who aspired to be a curmudgeon. I thought it was a wonderful ambition, but you just can’t do it when you’re twenty. At forty, you might possibly be able to convince small kids you are a curmudgeon, since to anyone under 10, anyone over 30 is ancient.