“Safer Trucking in Changing Cities,” or something Nawbany doesn’t talk about at all.


SAFER TRUCKING IN CHANGING CITIES from Fields of Vision on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, the same company currently dumping thousands of dollars each year into Mayor Jeff Gahan’s re-election fund, and which was given the contract to gut Speck’s plan, design last year’s two-way reversion and “keep those trucks moving” (as HWC’s Jim Rice once observed) now has been given a second contract to explore whether their first contract was a success.

Is this stand-up comedy?
What are the chances that HWC will acknowledge failure? After all, wouldn’t we be due a refund if so?

Maybe a better way would be having an IMPARTIAL outside firm perform the speed study — one actually aware of what traffic calming entails. Then again, Gahan has to desire traffic calming, doesn’t he?

And the way Gahan’s system works at present, doing business with HWC is good for … business.

Imagine what we could accomplish is we wanted to accomplish something beyond fattening the campaign finance heifer at every turn.

Let’s check on the Democratic Party’s point of view.

Yep. Business as usual, on ALL fronts.