PINTS & UNION PORTFOLIO: Our keg of Donum Dei 812 Nouveau Harvest IPA will be tapped on Tuesday, October 30.


Oktoberfest finally has concluded at Pints&union.

Our last keg of Revolution (Chicago) Oktoberfest ran dry on Sunday, and as a short-term replacement, the focus shifts to Southern Indiana and a single half-barrel of Donum Dei Brewstillery’s 812 Nouveau Harvest IPA, wet-hopped with hops grown near Nashville, Indiana.

Local beer writer Kevin Gibson previewed 812 Nouveau earlier in the month, and I completely agree with his assessment. I bought a growler recently from Donum Dei’s taproom on Grant Line Road just to make sure.

Cross your fingers, because when 812 Nouveau is gone, we’ll be very close to beginning what I hope will be an extended run for draft Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. 

Local Harvest equals fresh, hoppy beer at Donum Dei, by Kevin Gibson (LEO)

There aren’t a lot of hop farms in the Louisville area or even the region, for that matter, but as they begin to creep in, we may find new chances to drink local beer made with fresh hops.

Most hops are grown out West, largely in Washington state, and then pelletized and shipped. But some beers, such as Founders Harvest Ale, are made with hops pulled straight from the vine and placed directly into the beer.

A local example is available now from Donum Dei Brewstillery in New Albany in the form of 812 Nouveau Harvest IPA, made with fresh or “wet” hops, grown at Eight One Two Farms in Nashville, Indiana, about 90 miles north of Louisville.

Richard Otey, owner of Donum Dei, said 812 Nouveau is basically an Amarus — one of the brewery’s core beers — brewed with fresh Cascade hops from Eight One Two. If a nouveau (French for “new”) wine is made with newly-harvested grapes, then 812 Nouveau is its beer counterpart, he said. In other words, it’s a first product that offers a glimpse into what’s to come from the harvest …