The nadir of commentary: “It will be a great day for journalism when Chris Morris no longer has a platform for kissing the asses of those in power.”


The city bought the property. The city refused to maintain the property. If a private citizen shunned this responsibility to the same extent that the city neglected the Moser Tannery building, neighbors would be clamoring for the ordinance enforcement to bring the hammer down.

But the mayor slobbers meaningless platitudes to the reporter, and the reporter accepts them at face value.

This is journalism, News and Tribune style.

Why does the newspaper give Gahan a free pass every single time?

(hint: follow the advertising money)

MORRIS: Loss of Moser building sad, but site’s future still bright

 … “We had done our best to seal it up. We had put a security fence in place,” New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan said Monday. “People know we certainly have interest in historic preservation and we do our best to preserve our history. But at the end of the day we need support from the private sector.”