Gahan’s exciting new Ruins of Moser Tannery exhibit: a metaphor hides in plain sight.


City Hall’s remarkably poor stewardship of this property over a period of two years can’t be laughed away with an insurance payment.

Consider this: if the investigation — let’s hope it is conducted by insurers and not the vandal’s appointees — echoes that of the Reichstag episode and concludes the fire at Moser Tannery was set by communists squatters (read: homeless people), how does the mayor wiggle out from his own oft-stated belief that homeless people don’t exist in New Albany?

Were they bussed in from Jeffersonville?

That’s it! Mike Moore dunnit.

For critics of the administration, it may be time to shift locales for a few days until a scapegoat is found, but posterity is advised to keep its eye on the central point of the city’s purposeful neglect of the Moser grounds.

Paging Keith Henderson …