Classic jazz solos by Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster at Swing & Beyond.


I’ve been enjoying the archives at Swing & Beyond.

This blog will showcase the music, history, and images of the swing era (roughly 1935-1950). It will also include material from from years both before and after the swing era, because Swing is a rich musical tradition that endures to this day. Here you will be able to listen to and learn about some of the greatest music in the swing idiom, and in other compatible musical idioms. Your guide will be jazz historian and author MICHAEL P. ZIRPOLO. His commentary will accompany whatever is posted, and it will inform and stimulate discussion. Once the music and Mike’s commentary have been posted, the forum will be opened to your comments, questions, and insights. The objective of this blog is to share the music, history, and images in the swing idiom, and seek a deeper, richer understanding and appreciation of what swing is, and why it is so great.

Zirpolo is a familiar name. He wrote the book on Bunny Berigan — one of them, at least.

ON THE AVENUES DOUBLEHEADER (2): A book about Bunny Berigan, his life and times.

Following are three of Zirpolo’s blog posts at Swing & Beyond, each of them breaking down a particular song featuring legendary tenor saxophone solos.

Not many rock and pop releases of interest to me have been scheduled for the remainder of 2018. I’ll be combing the usual sources of information lest something choice has been missed. Otherwise, the winter months are prime time for jazz and classical music.