‘We Buy Cars”: The face of luxury car sales in New Albany, in the form of an illegal yard sign in the verge.


A sign fairly oozing luxury.

Luxury car sales, my posterior — even if the corner looks better.

Still, you gotta give the guy full credit for knowing the importance of meaningless buzz words. We’re a city with 25% of its population below the poverty line, but City Hall is absolutely certain that if we keep repeating the word “luxury” over and over again, marketing alone will solve the problem. 

I remain fascinated: Why did the neighborhood association roll over so quickly for this guy?

Looks like ESNA and HyperCars are closerthanthis, which is why reality is so much more humorous than fiction.

It all started here:

That ugly word again: Plan Commission to consider “luxury” car sales at HyperCars on 13th and Spring.