Dan Canon is writing a column for LEO as News & Tribune contemplates a “knitting for piety” foldout.


Dan Canon, a New Albany resident, writing a column for LEO; Danielle Grady, former News & Tribune reporter, now a staff writer for LEO.

Danielle has an excellent piece about the Sherman Minton Bridge: Sherman Minton Closure Could Cut Lifeline For West Louisville.

Seeing as Dan, our favorite fire-breathing socialist, is writing for a Louisvile newspaper with an entire section devoted to beer, maybe the News & Tribune can have Tom May start writing Christian-oriented beer columns — you know, pairing psalms with IPAs.

That’d be par for the TopGolf mediocrity course for the likes of Bill Hanson, wouldn’t it?

THE UNFUCKING OF THE MIDWEST: Of the law, politics and our coming blindness, by Dan Canon (LEO Weekly)

… Over the last 20 years as a musician, an activist, a lawyer and a politician in Indiana and Kentucky, I’ve seen the fucking over of the Midwest play out in an incalculable number of ways, affecting an incalculable number of lives. But I’ve also seen enough to maintain a glimmer of optimism — if just enough to get by.

In this series, I’ll be telling the stories of folks here who, for whatever reason, have been shortchanged by the institutions that govern their day-to-day existence. I’ll be talking to the good people in our communities who are working on solutions to the underlying problems. And I’ll be sharing what I learn from them about meaningful ways you and I can help unfuck the Midwest.

Stay with me. And if you know any good stories, send them my way.