Local chain newspaper commences anodyne election coverage with Floyd County Commissioners District 1 contest.


“Anodyne” doesn’t merit a “Shane’s Excellent New Words” tag, but here’s the definition.

1. not likely to provoke dissent or offense; inoffensive, often deliberately so.

Shawn and Jason are competing for the seat held by Mark Seabrook, who’ll seek the office of mayor in 2019. Articles like this one are about as substantive as the chain newspaper will get between now and election day.

I’d recommend contacting either of the candidates if you want more information. Both are friendly and accessible. I have my preference, although as noted previously, there’ll probably be no formal endorsements at the blog this cycle.

I’m hiding in plain sight, you know.

New face to join Floyd County Commissioners, by Chris Morris (Maybune)

Applegate, Carruthers both want smart growth

NEW ALBANY — Jason Applegate believes in smart growth. He said Floyd County has a comprehensive plan, and that plan should be followed moving forward.

Shawn Carruthers would like to see high tech companies come to the county, and thinks the proposed innovation park in Georgetown is the perfect location for those types of businesses to flourish.