Southern Indiana PRIDE kicked off on Thursday, and this is a good thing.


I regret missing the launch on Thursday night.

Looking over the list of speakers, it looks as though Floyd County’s DemoDisneyDixiecrats were represented by district 72 state representative candidate Sam Charbonneau alone.

His November election opponent, incumbent Ed Clere, was there as well, along with fellow Republican Al Knable.

Were other Floyd Demos in attendance? Let me know, and I’ll note them in this space.

Best wishes to Evan, Erin and the expanded organization. We can only hope that New Albany’s mayor refrains from fighting too openly against it and embarrassing New Albany in the process.

Local LGBT inclusion and equality movement expands reach and alliances, by Melissa Goforth (Tom May Content Aggregator)

SOUTHERN INDIANA – It all starts with friendship.

From there, positive change in society can – and does – happen, despite personal differences, when that change is built upon a foundation of mutual respect.

That’s the philosophical approach Jeffersonville PRIDE Festival founder Evan Stoner is taking as he works to expand his organization’s reach by launching a new era of LGBT inclusion and equality throughout the region.

Thursday night in honor of National Coming Out Day, more than 50 areas residents attended the official kickoff of the newly formed Southern Indiana PRIDE organization at 300 Spring in Jeffersonville.

The event featured 12 guest speakers from different backgrounds and agencies, as well representatives from both the Republican and Democratic parties.

The diverse cultural and political cross-section of society represented at the event was exactly what Stoner hopes to see more of as he works to build bridges throughout the region with this expanded effort …