Recollections of the Gong Show abound as Adam Dickey grabs Mr. Microphone — and parade onlookers reach out for their wet air sickness bags.


I know, the video is sideways.

To be perfectly honest, so was I.

I was thinking about trying to fix the video, and yet the overall effect seems to capture the mood as Democratic Party chairman Adam Dickey seized a  nearby Mr. Microphone and children lining the parade route fled in terror.

The audio is reason enough to form a new political party. A three-year-old with a tin drum screamed, “Dude, it isn’t Halloween yet,” but Dickey just kept talking.

Here are a few more views of yesterday’s Harvest Homecoming parade.

Wait, wrong photo — that’s the May Day parade in Moscow, circa 1960.

Hold on, just a minute … I’m not sure how this Poperinge hop parade compilation shot got mixed in here.

Hmm. that’s Louisville’s Pride Parade earlier this summer.

Here, finally, are two photos from yesterday’s Harvest Homecoming parade.

That’s right.

The Mayor’s Award went to the city’s stormwater vehicles, including the Shop Vac on steroids.

What an exciting afternoon it was.

Have the children come out of hiding yet?