Fast fact about vehicular speeds that kill: “18 mph is the human tolerance of crash impacts.”


I’ll keep posting about speed because speed kills. If you wish to ignore all available evidence and retain a sense of automotive entitlement, which allows you to drive 40 mph on city streets that pass through neighborhoods, then I’d submit that your entitlement is anti-social — and whatever the neighborhood must do to restore safety is justified.

If you can’t understand any of what I’m writing here, that’s not a deal-killer. But thinking of yourself as a “progressive”? That is.

Pioneering Study Affirms Vision Zero Focus on Speed Management, by Veronica Vanterpool (Vision Zero Network)

… Nationally, speed was recorded as a factor in 27% of fatal crashes resulting in 10,111 crash deaths in 2016, according to the study. Research has shown that the likelihood of pedestrians or bicyclists surviving impact with a vehicle increases significantly with each 5 mph decrease in the speed limit. Further highlighting the importance of lower travel speeds, researcher Eric Dumbaugh notes in a recent Vision Zero Network webinar on Safe Systems that 18mph is the human tolerance of crash impacts.