Harvest Homecoming explains: “The Tribune sold the ad to the Democratic party. This is was completely out of our control.”


The newspaper profits from City Hall advertisements, and City Hall profits from a free ride in editorial terms.

Insert graphic of vigorous mutual backscratching. Too bad that Harvest Homecoming gets stuck in the middle of crassness coming from both sides.

Just another day in paradise — so why wouldn’t the Democratic Party join in the fun? It’s probably the mayor’s campaign finance money, anyway.

To whom it may concern,

As current president of Harvest Homecoming, it is important for me to address the advertisement on the front of our annual HHC tabloid. The News and Tribune has full control over selling the advertisements and the front of the tabloid always has an advertisement. The ads make the circulation to the community possible. For many years that space has been purchased by a local car sales company. This year, they opted to not purchase the ad. With the space up for grabs, The Tribune sold the ad to the Democratic party. This is was completely out of our control and I was not aware of the advertisement until it was published.

For 50 years, HHC has been a non-partisan organization supporting all facets of our community. It is important that we continue this tradition of celebrating our great festival and the wonderful diversity of the New Albany-Floyd County community. I ask that we put politics aside, join together as a HHC family, and show this community an outstanding festival.


Art Niemeier
President – Harvest Homecoming