GREEN MOUSE SAYS: David White addresses citizens and city employees in a News & Tribune insert today, denouncing deception, bullying, non-transparency and debt.


This post has been corrected. 

The Green Mouse manages to get what he needs from the local chain newspaper without betraying the slightest tinge of bitterness over never once being considered for a complimentary subscription based on the sheer volume of leads he’s generated, or all the traffic the blog has sent in the newspaper’s direction these past 14 years.

Anyway, a source close to the Mouse says the following text was somehow inserted as an advertisement into today’s issue of the local chain newspaper. Since neither of us see newsprint these days, we’ve no idea what a “tip” is, but no matter. David White’s mayoral announcement is Monday, and the Mouse’s source has been informed that in response, Mayor Gahan immediately will appoint Warren Nash to serve as ambassador to the Elsby Building.

In 1963, John F. Kennedy said “There are times when my party and fellow Democrats are wrong, and therefore, I must speak out.” That is why today, I am announcing my candidacy for Mayor of New Albany.

For over two decades, I have been an active, respectful and supportive member of my party’s leadership and platforms. However, it appears that here in New Albany, a few of our Democratic leaders have lost their guide star, lost the stewardship of public trust and abandoned the principles once held so closely.

There was a time I clearly remember, the core Democratic values were truth, integrity, inclusion, and helping the most vulnerable. In this city, under this mayor and his clique of cronies, these values have been replaced by deception, dishonesty and bullying, class warfare, and greed.

Driving around this city you will find that Mayor Gahan has swiped the city “credit card” to create shiny objects and reasons to put his name (metaphorically) in lights over the last seven years.

Yet, as a city, we are far worse off than we were before Mayor Gahan took office because every one of these shiny objects has come at a price and specifically at a price to you!

  • $13MM for a water slide and a lazy river?
  • A million dollars for a dog park and desecrated a Native American burial ground?
  • 70% increase in the City Budget ($18mm-$30mm)
  • The State Board of Accounts continues to find inaccurate and improper accounting practices and this administration refuses to give a full disclosure of Debt.
  • And the list goes on and on

Each one of these shiny objects has coincided with over $200,000 in donations to Mayor Gahan’s campaign fund from contractors hired for these very projects. I am all for progress, but not if the people of New Albany stop being priority one. It shouldn’t be projects over people, but instead People First!

People may wonder why I would oppose a sitting mayor from my own party. It is because of our profound differences. I am running for Mayor, not to seek money or prestige, but to put People First. 

I won’t hand out city jobs to my family and friends. I am running again because I still believe in a better and more prosperous New Albany. Because I believe that together we can reach our full potential by serving all people, instead of a small clique or corporate interests.

Since the last election, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with people all across this city and hearing their stories. I’ve heard first-hand from city employees what it is like to be bullied on the job or threatened for not publicly supporting this administration. 

I’ve met with residents of affordable housing (NAHA) who are afraid of losing their homes. 

I’ve spoken with homeowners impacted by the land-grab on Mount Tabor Road and the residents next to Summit Springs. The list goes on and on. The issues change, but the refrain remains the same from Mayor Gahan: get on-board or get out of the way!

A lot of these same people have urged me to take up the fight again, to not only champion their cause, but that of the people who make up this entire city.

And that is why as mayor, I will be transparent about funding used for major projects and development unlike Mayor Gahan, who took payments from contractors and appointees totaling over $200,000. What’s all this money for?

My administration will engage in smart and strategic growth that actually makes sense for New Albany. And, I pledge to not accept any donations from contractors hired by or in consideration for business with the City.

Further, I won’t waste your hard-earned money. Mayor Gahan’s favorite saying is: “Public money is meant to be spent.” 

As Mayor, I will change this perception of New Albany. It is time our city had a bold, experienced and passionate voice to aggressively market and promote New Albany as a regional partner and viable center of global commerce to entice higher-paying jobs for our community. Historically as a city, we have a great entrepreneurial and business story to tell and this story needs to be told often.

As Mayor, I pledge to encourage cooperation between city and county. Today, I stand before you at your city-county building. Built in 1963, it is a testament to the unity that once existed between the two – something our hometown was lauded for. Try to imagine that in light of today’s petty bickering between Mayor Gahan and the Floyd County government! 

Why would the City spend an additional $15MM more like $20MM on a new city hall? 

Common Sense says: Because Mayor Gahan refuses to coexist. 

Unlike Mayor Gahan, I won’t pretend that homelessness or housing insecurity isn’t a problem in our city. As Mayor, I will develop a sensible plan for housing our most vulnerable neighbors, and I will do so with a NEW Executive Director of the housing authority. I won’t demolish public housing without a 1 for 1 replacement plan.

Further, I would never turn down a $12MM federal grant, as Mayor Gahan did – a grant that could have helped us modernize our public housing for years to come. 

The main difference between Mayor Gahan and me is that I view people as our greatest asset and will put People First. But I guess that’s been hard for Mayor Gahan to do while hiding in his office on the third floor.

You are my friends, my neighbors, my classmates, people I see at local events, ballgames and at church. And that’s not going to change when I am mayor. In fact, that makes it even more important for me to work as hard as I can for you.

Over the next 7 months, this is an opportunity for the citizens of New Albany to gain your city back. That’s why I am asking each and every one of you to do your part. 

The last mayoral primary was decided by 3400 people out of a residency of 40,000. The time has come for change and that change can start with you!

It is Time to fire Mayor Gahan and put People First.


Democrat David White to announce his candidacy for mayor of New Albany at noon on Monday, October 1.

Apparently the following is the script from a video, not the insert. Apologies for the cross-up.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dear citizens and employees of the City of New Albany,

Tomorrow, on the steps of the City County Building at noon, I will announce my candidacy for Mayor of New Albany, but before I do that, I wanted to communicate to you directly.

I am running for Mayor to stop:

1) Deception & bullying
2) Non-transparency
3) Feuding between city and county
4) Growing debt

You will hear many things about me over the next several months, and I am confident Mayor Gahan and his chosen few will tell many lies about me. For example, you will hear, “David White is going to fire everyone,” but that is not true. However, there will be some leadership changes like in all administrations.

You are New Albany’s greatest asset because you are the ones doing the heavy lifting day in and day out. Our electoral process allows you the right to vote for whomever you want without retribution. In order to dispel the rumors, I want you to have my cell phone number because I want to meet you, and I will listen to you. Let’s work together to restore honesty and trust in city government. My cell phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

In closing, I am hopeful that you will support my campaign and my desire to be your next Mayor. I will be respectful, transparent, inclusive, and a great steward of your tax dollars. Please join us tomorrow for the announcement, so we can put People First!

You are appreciated, and I hope this finds you well.

David White