Bliss Artisan Ice Cream & Handcrafted Pizza is to occupy the long vacant Breakwater retail space.

From the Bliss Artisan Fb page.

The retail space in the Breakwater has been blissfully moribund since the luxury housing complex was built, but now there’s to be a tenant called Bliss Artisan.

The business bills itself as ice cream shop that also sells pizza, and began in New Harmony, although the original location went away once the owners began opening sites along the Ohio (Evansville, Tell City, Henderson) in an easterly direction.

This brings them to New Albany, and so perhaps the item of most importance hereabouts is the name “Bliss.” It’s just a name (a synonym for “utopia”), and not intended as a reference to the well-known Bliss family.

The Evansville Courier-Press provides a glowing overview: Bliss offers artisan ice cream with a side of pizza.