R.I.P. Bernardo “Bernie” Carducci: “Colorful, outgoing, bigger than life and one of a kind.”


I never took a psychology course after high school, and yet it was hard to miss Bernie — playing intramural basketball, giving him a hard time for drinking Budweiser, among the IUS professors at the Public House, over cigars at Kremer’s, discussing his Italian heritage fests, and so forth.

The list never ends. Bernie was an amazing showman, but here’s the thing: just about all of it was in the service of learning.

That’s the real point, isn’t it?

Carducci, iconic psychology professor, dies, by Shannon Greer (The Horizon)

Editors’ note: We have learned the Bernie Carducci, emeritus professor of psychology, died on Saturday, Sept. 22. As we learn more as the week progresses, we will share additional details. In the meantime, we republish this story from September 2017 written on the announcement of his retirement.

Colorful, outgoing, bigger than life and one of a kind. These are all ways that former students and colleagues describe Bernardo “Bernie” Carducci, an IU Southeast psychology professor of 37 years who announced his retirement this summer.