Downtown New Albany brewpub update: A new FCBC Grain Haus pizza kitchen and a traditional NABC Strassenbräu bier.


The lead story on this morning’s Monday Business Briefing at Insider Louisville is our own Floyd County Brewing Company, which will not be adding tacos to the Grain Haus. Take it away, Kevin Gibson.

Floyd County Brewing adding pizza kitchen to Grain Haus

Floyd County Brewing Co. in New Albany expanded in the spring, turning a storage garage into an extra bar with a beer garden. Dubbed the Grain Haus, it will expand again in the coming weeks with the addition of a 175-square-foot kitchen with a custom-made, wood-fired oven.

Also worthy of note from NABC Bank Street Brewhouse, the city’s first downtown brewery (marking 10 years in business come March of 2019), is the annual arrival of Strassenbräu.

Of course, Taco Steve remains in the kitchen at Bank Street Brewhouse, doing tacos — not pizza.

We close with a periodic reminder about the Multiplier Effect of Local Independent Business, from AMIBA.

The multiplier results from the fact that independent locally-owned businesses recirculate a far greater percentage of revenue locally compared to absentee-owned businesses (or locally-owned franchises*). In other words, going local creates more local wealth and jobs.